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  • Should have basic idea about conductors or you can watch my course-1 which deals with conductors.
  • Basic idea of chemistry like atoms, shell, sub-shell, electrons, etc.


Before starting the course I expect that you should have at least a basic idea about chemistry and some knowledge about conductors.

In this course, you will learn all the things about semiconductors from scratch. Below I  had listed certain topics this would be our roadmap. There would also be certain topics that I’m not giving in this particular roadmap but its concept would be required to proceed further. So I had also explained that part.

@ Roadmap:-

  1. Introduction to semiconductors
  2. Difference between conductors, semiconductors, and an insulators
  3. Energy band diagram for sodium and silicon atoms
  4. Valence band and Conduction band diagram for sodium and silicon atoms
  5. Forbidden Energy Gap
  6. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors
  7. Internal structure or internal working of the p-n junction diode

So this was all about the course.

@ Outcome of the course:-

  • As you all know that I’m making series on electronics, this is a course-2 and this course is a prerequisite to the next course where we will be dealing with diode circuits, Bjt and Fet’s circuits, etc. So to understand the core electronics part or how any electronic device behaves, you should be very much well acquainted with the part of the semiconductor.
  • For those who want to perceive their future in the VLSI domain, this course is purely meant for them.
  • And there are many more advantages which I’m not revealing here, you yourself will get to know what knowledge you have acquired after completing this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn semiconductors in depth
  • Beginner who wants to start his/her career in electronics
  • Beginner who wants to perceive his career in VLSI domain
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