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  • No previous experience is needed, we’ll teach you everything you need to know.


In this 100% FREE outsourcing course, we teach you the outsourcing method in a step by step manner. Outsourcing helps you hire virtual assistants for your businesses and projects, so you can free up your time and concentrate of things your really love doing (instead of doing hard & repetitive tasks). This course will help you hire virtual assistants even if you have 0 experience in outsourcing or hiring. We’ve got you covered!

I say we because in this course I am accompanied by Barak Almog from SellerFrame, he is helping me with the presentation, and he is sharing his best advice for outsourcing. Barak is an outsourcing veteran with over 5 years of experience! Barak is an e-commerce entrepreneur, owner of an online business automation agency, blogger, lecturer and leader of an entrepreneurial community for creating autonomous businesses.

In 5 years in the field Barak has worked with businesses from diverse fields, such as;

– Amazon FBA

– Dropshipping

– Software Dev

– Graphic Designers

– Lead Generations

– Services Agencies

In the course you will learn:

– How the recruitment process is carried out, step by step.

– What software should be installed to manage your new employee.

– How to transfer responsibilities for tasks correctly.

– How to get the most out of the new employee you have recruited.

The course is practical and demonstrates the outsourcing method step by step. During the course we share many resources that will help you succeed in the recruitment process and transfer of responsibilities, easily and successfully!

The course is suitable for dropshipping business owners, Amazon store owners, software businesses, service agencies, and ANY other online business. For real!

A few words from Barak for you:

The material being delivered in the course is based entirely on the process of recruiting, systematizing tasks, and transferring responsibilities, as it has been done in my business for the past three years.

The ability to build systems in the business and transfer responsibility for repetitive tasks to a team of skilled workers is the greatest gift I have received in the business, and I want it to happen to you too!

To conclude:

Please invest your time to go through the course, we did our sincere best for you. We truly believe that this course will help you with your online businesses and projects. Once you go through it, we’d appreciate it if you can rate it, based on your true experience.

Thank you!

Vova And Barak

P.S – Come, join the course now, let us help you understand how to outsource like a boss, ease your life on Amazon, and change your life for the better. See you on the other side, peace! 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Online business owners that want to outsource tasks to high quality, inexpensive virtual assistants overseas.

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