[Download] Docker : Docker A-Z+Kubernetes Basics-HandsOn -DevOps(2021)

Docker : Docker A-Z+Kubernetes Basics-HandsOn -DevOps(2021)

Docker crash course + Introduction to Kubernetes – HandsOn – DevOps

What you’ll learn

Docker : Docker A-Z+Kubernetes Basics-HandsOn -DevOps(2021)

  • docker
  • containerization
  • micro services
  • docker swarm
  • kubernetes
  • portainer
  • gke
  • the docker basics
  • docker tutorial
  • docker complete training


  • basic knowledge of software, IT.
  • No paid software required – Just install your favorite text editor and browser!
  • Local admin access to install Docker for Mac/Windows/Linux.
  • Linux basics like shells, SSH


Some of the many cool things you’ll do in this course:

  • Learn to use docker container from scratch.
  • How to use Docker, Compose and Kubernetes on your machine for better software building and testing.
  • spin up docker application container in a few minutes .
  • Dockerfile : creating your own docker container | images from scratch.
  • docker-compose : configure docker deployment file from scratch with various services connected and exposed.
  • Optimize your Dockerfiles for faster building and tiny deploys.
  • Docker Backups.
  • Managing Volumes.
  • docker swarm for orchestration of various services.
  • Build/Publish your own custom application images.
  • Create your own image registry.
  • Container image scanning using Anchore tool.
  • Portainer to manage container, images, volumes etc. UI Dashboard
  • Kubernetes hands-on with google cloud
  • Nginx and MySql container usage.
  • Troubleshooting while performing handson.

After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Use Docker in your daily developer and/or sysadmin roles
  • Deploy apps to Kubernetes
  • Create Dockerfile and Compose files
  • Build  Swarm clusters and deploying H/A containers
  • Make Kubernetes YAML manifests and deploy using infrastructure-as-code methods
  • Keep your Dockerfiles and images small, efficient, and fast
  • Run apps in Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes and understand the pros/cons of each
  • Map volumes, important persistent data in volumes, and bind mounts
  • Lead your team into the future with the latest Docker container skills!

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers, sysadmins, IT pros, and operators at any skill level.
  • Anyone who makes deploys, or operates software

Who this course is for:

  • Developers, QA, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud Engineers, Infrastructure engineers, Platform Engineers, Architects, Cloud Architect, SRE
  • Last updated 7/2021

Docker, From Zero To Hero: Become a DevOps Docker

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