[Download] Make an Unreal Engine 5 Platform Game

Make an Unreal Engine 5 Platform Game

Learn game development from scratch in the most popular game engine.

What you’ll learn

Make an Unreal Engine 5 Platform Game

  • Learn to build a simple platformer game
  • Gain an excellent general knowledge of video game design.
  • How to install and navigate Unreal Engine 5
  • Learn how to design a simple game using Unreal Engine


  • No necessary experience required


In this course we focus on how to make games without writing traditional code by using Unreal Engine 5 and it’s powerful visual coding system known as Blueprints. We will be starting this course off at a beginners pace so you will need no prior experience or knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 or game development.

The course is expensive for a reason. It contains a series of tutorial videos, at the end of each section, that will go through the process of making a working game, from start-to-finish, step-by-step.

Welcome to a beginners comprehensive look at the new Unreal Engine 5. UE5 is used by professionals and beginners alike to create stunning real-time content with the help of the new Lumen Lighting System and Nanite Virtualized Geometry Engine. It has never been easier to get started as a Game, Architectural, or Product Developer and create amazing content.

Develop Games Using Cutting-Edge Game Design Software and Run Them on a State-of-the-Art 3D Game Engine

The Unreal Engine has won the “Best Game Engine” award several times from various organizations, including the Develop Industry Excellence Awards and Game Developer Magazine.

For years, the Unreal Engine was only affordable for large companies, but now, Unreal Engine 4 is completely free to use, as long as you agree to pay Epic Games 5% of your game sales.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn to code the fun way – by making games.
  • Complete beginners with no prior experience
  • Experienced game developers who want to brush up their skills
  • Game programmers who want to get into level design
  • Last updated 8/2021

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