[Download] Start programming for the first time – Javascript tutorial

Start programming for the first time – Javascript tutorial

learn programming concepts from the very basics in javascript

What you’ll learn

Start programming for the first time – Javascript tutorial

  • javascript basics
  • programming basics


  • no prerequisites


the  course is totally for beginners who never study programming in their life .the course allow people whose never study programming to learn in practice javascript  ,the structure of the course is totally pedagogic ,always the course starts with simple concepts , after we go to  more complex concepts in the start of each chapter you have  a full document that contain the concepts ,the content of this tutorial :

learn the basics concepts (what is a variable ,how to handle conditions using if statement  , how to create a calculator using if statements ,switch case conditions)

you learn loops and arrays and Objects (the concept of loops , what is an array, loop an array ,Javascript object notation  )

learn build in functions in javascript (  loop using foreach ,remove using pop , sort and reverse methods , replace method , slice a string using substring  ,typeOf method,search method )

practice exercises (create a calculator using user input, loops in desc order ,loops with condtions , create triangle of stars , create array from others ,calcul functions)

after finishing this tutorial you be able to create basics small apps in Javascript  ,i tried as a mush as possible to pass to the diffrents concepts  and explain it again and again  to soldify them  . this course

Who this course is for:

  • beginners in programming
  • Last updated 6/2021

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